Friday, 30 April 2010

The Ghost

After being offered £250,000 by his agent to ghost write the memoirs of mysterious UK former-Prime Minister, Adam Lang (Pierce Bronson), our protagonist, known just as The Ghost (Ewan McGregor), is straight on the next plane to a secret hideout on a remote and unnamed island. As this is happening, we also see that Lang is on trial for war crimes and so a positive memoir to make him look good is a top priority. Whilst working for Lang, The Ghost uncovers that the person who was writing the memoirs before him committed suicide. After things start turning slightly suspicious in the Lang residence, The Ghost is keen to find out what really happened to his predecessor and goes looking for clues, leading to a chaotic turn of events that put his own life in danger.

First of all, I loved the film and I think it’s safe to say that this is one of Roman Polanski’s finest projects, if not quite as great as the 2002 hit, The Pianist. Pierce Bronson has again found his place in cinema; after clearly being lost in Mamma Mia and Percy Jackson, here he is a perfect fit. This film is a chance to see Ewan McGregor’s evolving talent and I won’t be watching Sex In The City 2, but I hope to see Kim Cattrell continue down this road as she makes up part of the impressive supporting cast and adds something different to the plot.

In a world where our cinemas are flooded with 3D films and vampire flicks, it’s great to see there’s still a place for straight, intelligent political thrillers, a feat The Ghost

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