Thursday, 26 November 2009

Paranormal Activity

After its release date in 2007 at a minor film festival, Paranormal Activity has finally exploded out from the closet to raise hairs here in the UK. Its formerly been let loose in the US where it has climaxed a higher position in the box office then the latest segment of Saw. How did it go so far? Well to be impetuous it’s a complete cult jubilation.

Micah’s girlfriend Katie embodies the concentrated belief that she is being agonized by the presence of a demonic spectre and has been since she was a child. Equipped with his gloriously exorbitant camera and bucket amounts of confidence Micah biographies the paranormal developments to hopefully prove to Katie that the old floorboards are absorbed behind her anxieties. Unfortunately for him this is not the circumstance, with most of the horrendous and iconic moments occurring at night and insecurity being promptly assembled in the daytime, you will soon enough become sheltered behind your bucket of popcorn.

With a delicate budget and also immersed in a variety that can only really be correlated to the eerie Blair Witch Project and the zombie berserk REC, this film consumes the audience and I am assured for many this will be listed as their most precious film of the year. Katie Featherston and Micah Slot are both unfamiliar actors to anyone watching, and also if you haven’t detected maintain the same names in the film as they do actors/actress’s, I‘m not to sure what this is meant to determine, but I anticipate to see them on screen again.
Oren Peli? Who is this fellow, well he is indeed the director behind this rugged expedition, and has no other assignments to his name, he has pushed into the directing climate certifying his exclusive faculty. Will this just be a one hit wonder I hear you question? No! he has another forthcoming project entitled Area 51 which just from the title I am more than confident we can illustrate in our minds what were in for.
Paranormal Activity will in conclusion leave you to shocked to even sleep with the light off, but on the bright side more than delighted that your money has been well allocated. So check it out now or maybe even in twenty years when its being re-played in our cinemas as one of the classic scares of this decade.

Andrew Dex

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Harry Brown

I don’t know about you but when I lock my eyes onto the unreal and mesmerizing British actor Michael Caine I am immediately in my mind catapulted back to the colourful days of the Italian Job. Some might state these were his finer days and the most memorable of his exceptional career, but I should really remind that cluster of people he has blown us away as a overwhelming actor in The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Is Anybody there? Which are all secured classics of this decade, affirming the straightforward point that Caine is still respectable of an audiences recognition.

Here we are 55 years in the future after the elegant Zulu and we can still experience the 76 year old Michael Caine hosting a fire arms, as he acquires the role of hard nut Harry Brown. We admit the world of Harry, an ex serviceman who lives deep in the heart of the run down establishment of south London. Gangs of “chav” branded people seem to be dominating the area, and making some of the public to petrified to even leave their own homes. This is nothing that concerns him until the death of his own friend, Promptly after this we ride a rage filled inquisition of vengeance as he deals with these rowdy street thugs in his own justified way to pinpoint the murderer. If you’re a supporter of revenged based plots like Outlaw and the ever so unique Gran Torino then this will most indubitably tick a box for you.

With a risky cameo from Plan B and an unheard of director Daniel Barber, Harry Brown is most positively taking a plunge into the unknown, but don’t be alarmed, I believe that at this present age in film making that’s what we need, a confident risk to for fill our goals and elevate us to something unfamiliar, fresh and most essentially inspiring. This project more than arrives to these needs and feels completely contemporary in every field, the only bitter aspect for this motion picture is that with such a substantial hype shadow birthed by prodigious films as Twilight: New Moon and The Fourth Kind, which is abducting cinema attendants all across the globe, will this modern treasure be acknowledged by many? I sure hope so.



Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow are just two prime examples of Roland Emmerichs previous accomplishments

Its been a couple of years now since we have observed the director putting an abrupt and apocalyptic final ending to our world and current way of life. By destroying all our famous landmarks one by one gloriously in CGI form, we once again embrace him as he discovers a new justification to construct our world into a catastrophic re imagination of his own.

This has been more than worth the anticipation in my opinion, 2012 basically allows us to visualize what maybe the end of the world would be like. The initial reason to why this doomsday type phenomenon has occurred is because of the foretold date 21st December 2012, which collides with the Mayan Calendars current cycle, meaning the end of the earth will commence once it has come to its final day. Earthquakes, asteroids, and suicides are just the beginning and now a normality to what failed researcher and now limo driver Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) will have to encounter and deal with again and again as he leads a group of people into hopeful survival amongst all this chaos and turbulence.

We see the president being acted by Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) who some what reminds many of us of Morgan Freeman in the cult triumph featuring Elijah Wood, Deep Impact. Never the less he has no problem pulling this role of with an exceptional success. Also amassed into this mammoth jigsaw piece of work we get to presence the talent of Woody Harrelson who has just blown his way back into the public cool list this Halloween in Zombieland.

Nearly approaching the three hour time scale 2012 is defiantly a well lengthened production time to establish such an important theory and concept, you will find yourself jumping out of your seat as the picture that beholds you on the screen is completely crammed full of action, adventure, and hope. This is amazingly a step up to the bulk of already classic motion pictures Roland Emmerich has indulged us with formerly.

The film will be distributed by Columbia Pictures. Filming began in August 2008 in Vancouver; with a UK and USA release date of November 13, 2009.


Review by Andrew Dex

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Another animation film? Yes that’s correct, but do not distress as disguised behind the works of this thought replenished exploit is Tim Burton as the producer. This should already clamp in a specified and wide audience of die hard fans who will most surely be enthralled.

The world has again ceased to continue this winter as humans have created a robot species that has out done and eradicated all life on their planet. What’s left is 9 scanty robots who each harbor a piece of a scientists soul, surprisingly the scientist is the one who invented the world destroying robot but also accommodates the solution to salvage everything.

In an act to be slightly adventurous we cherish the character 9 as he is awoken into this post apocalyptic nightmare, for the first couple of minutes he can’t speak, this is where we really get to undertake the moving and awe-inspiring visuals. As he then locates a fellow associate to him 2, this is where the gratification and experience really begins to erupt to life.

Elijah Wood takes lead in this action crowded representation. I am assured for most of the public they won’t be able to cite a film his featured in after the world approved franchise that is Lord of The Rings, but his craft is still just as wonderful. He is accompanied by John C. Reilly (Step Brothers, The Promotion) and the marvelous Christopher Plummer who has surprised us and out done himself this year by starring in more than most actors could bear to do, Up, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and even the recent Harry Potter are a grand phew I could label, and give him a more than respectful reputation.

My thoughts are that this is possibly not the most incomparable of Tim Burtons productions as he already has accomplished such installments as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and the celebrated “Edward Scissorhands” but it will not be the least and attains its position as being a concealed delight in his collection. In our generation where we are pretty much swamped with 3D and animation films, 9 is a pretty supreme example to many, and will most surely never be disregarded.

Andrew Dex

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Cinema Releases November

Animated Films for all the family.
posterDisneys " A Christmas Carol "

The actor Jim Carrey who doesn't really seem to be on our screen much these days is back in the latest cinema take on a Dickens classic - "A Christmas Carol".Jim Carrey does the voice for four characters in this film, Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet to come. Also stars Gary Oldman as Marley.

This admirable story takes Scrooge, who is a non believer in the Christmas spirit, on a cold night's journey to re-discover the kind man he used to be.
In glorious 3D and with director Robert Zemeckis ( Back To The Future, The Polar Express ) this animated film is bound to keep us high with Christmas spirit and warm at heart through the cold winter time.

Planet 51

Just when you thought you had seen enough animations for one year, writer Joe Stillman ( Shrek ) and a new director Jorge Blanco bring us this family adventure "Planet 51"- with voices done by Dwayne Johnson ( The Race To Witch Car Mountain ) and Justin Long ( Funny People ) .
This film is pretty fresh in some respects - American astronaut "Chuck" lands on Planet 51 strongly believing that he is the only one to ever discover the planet. Little does he know Planet 51 is overrun by tiny green people who have only one worry: being invaded by aliens !
We also hear John Cleese ( Fawlty Towers ) doing the voice for Professor Kipple which will be a pleasant surprise for adults, helping to make this film enjoyable for all generations.


posterCatch It While You Can

This month's ‘Catch It While You Can' spot is dedicated to the amazing, breath taking, colourful " Up ". Blessing our cinemas since early October but still showing until late November, this clearly shows the high level of this masterpiece. From Disney and Pixar we are bought the adventure of 78 year old Carl and his 70 years younger new friend and explorer Russell. After Carl attaches thousands of balloons to his house to make it fly, both Carl and Russell embrace on an around the world journey.
From the writer of such legendary films asToy Story, Wall E, Monsters Inc., this is no downward path in the man's career. It in fact takes him to new heights, as many critics and fans are calling this film the best Pixar film to date. When this film comes out on DVD, you might find a part of yourself sad that you missed it at the cinema, so this is your chance to catch it while you can !

Reviews By Andrew Dex

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

What most people will notice straight away with Fantastic Mr. Fox is the animation is quite different. Director Wes Anderson has clearly created another masterpiece which will be a much welcomed addition to his collection so far - The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, The Darjeeling Limited. Cast members from his previous projects like Owen Wilson and Bill Murray, are accompanied by Andersonnewbies George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Brian Cox, creating an extremely powerful backbone. Anderson blends in the kind of acting and humour from his previous titles which has genuinely made this something exclusive and set it apart from any other animation this year.

The narrative behind the film is simple; Fantastic Mr. Fox (George Clooney) is stealing food on a regular basis from the local farm and has done for some time now, but little does he know the greedy farmers are out to get him. Although there is much simplicity in the plot, everything that surrounds it and the outcome makes it a really modern and surprising film. As some of the younger generation may not know, this is an adaptation from the legendary and creative writer Roald Dahl (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Matilda, George’s Marvellous Medicine, The Twits, James & The Giant Peach to name but a few) and I find it astonishing that at this age, he is still being remembered; the film reminding us what a genius he was.

What I really appreciate about this motion picture is that it draws a fine line between being a film for adults and being something for just children. I say that because the cast is some what overrun by middle aged adults, but the fusion of this and the animation makes it an instant hit with kids too in my mind. This is exceptional as Wes Anderson has clearly dived straight in the deep end and the result is a triumph.

Andrew Dex

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

As soon as I laid my eyes on the trailer for this colorful, fresh film, the first thing I thought was how this is going to be the last time I ever see Heath Ledger on the big screen. That fact alone pulled me in to see it but this film was actually so much more than I believed it would be. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus tells the tale of a touring theatre show which is financially out of pocket. On their travels they pick up Tony (Heath Ledger) who causes the first mystery in this story. At each stop they ask the general public to enter the mind of the spectacular and graceful Doctor Parnassus (Christopher Plummer) by stepping through a custom made mirror. The twist is that Doctor Parnassus is seeking five souls to obtain as after many pacts with the devil (played by Tom Waits) he has to either give his daughter away or get the souls before he does.

Five minutes in and I was completely absorbed. After the tragedy of Heath Ledger who died before the completion of this project, we see other tremendous actors play Tony to help make this the masterpiece it was always going to be. Johnny Depp who is a perfect candidate for this type of cinema is also joined by Collin Farewell and Jude Law who both outdo themselves.

Director Terry Gilliam, who I should remind you brought us classics like Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Brazil and the Monty Python series, has brushed away the dust from his director’s chair after four long years to take on the challenge again. His presence is most defiantly noticed with a strong balance between comedy and some delightful scripting. All these factors piled on top of each other and the absolutely outstanding special effects make this a ride you just don’t want to miss.

Andrew Dex

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November Film Releases on DVD

  • Monsters Vs. Aliens

posterDreamworks are at it again and bring us another great animation . The plot is of 5 monsters who are released from a top secret location to stop an alien invasion. The story mainly focuses on the newest member to this group of monsters called Susan. On her wedding day she is struck down by a meteor and starts to turn into a giant, which at first takes drastic effect on her life.
This film is mainly for children but adults might find something in there too. With an electric cast from Reese Wetherspoon (Bridget Jones Diary), Seth Rogan (Kung Fu Panda), Hugh Laurie (House M.D) and comedy dialogue that should keep you glued to your seat. There's just about all the fun and storytelling you could want in one package.

My Rating 4/5


  • Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

Our lovable animal friends Sid, Diego, Ellie, Manny are all back in another glorious summer animation sequel blockbuster. After Sid adopts three dinosaur baby eggs he quickly gets taken away by the siblings mum. So what happens next ? Well Diego, Ellie, Manny embark on a epic adventure to get their friend back. Joined by a new member "Buck" whose voice is done none other than one of our nations favourite actors,Simon Pegg, This all makes for an exciting heart warming film that families will enjoy.
In an age where a lot of films are 3D in the cinema to make up for the poor product it will be when on DVD, Ice Age 3 is not one of these - thanks to great Casting, Directing, and Scripting. Don't miss it !

My Rating 4/5


  • Star Trek

A 150 Million dollar budget and a whole new generation to please ! Who other to take on this task than the infamous director J.J Abrams ( Cloverfield, Lost ), and how does he pull it off ? Well, with flying colours I would say.
The latest Star Trek goes back just before the crew board the Enterprise for the first time, and tells us the captivating story of how a young boy James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) became captain. Packed with adventure, suspense, and an amazing cast you would be crazy to miss this, which is clearly going to be remembered as one of the most spectacular films of 2009.

My Rating 5/5

Andrew Dex

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Saw VI

So here we are again, the clocks have just winded back, Halloween is seeping closer and you can already hear Christmas songs erupting through your radio. What have I neglected to mention? Well naturally, the offering of another Saw film of course. For the majority it seems this is a film they just view to witness the gruesome deaths and have a night absent from home with their mates, but for many others who are entrapped and seduced by the series, this is what they have anticipated for all year. I discovered that after sitting through this I seem to feel that there was a lot more story trickling through not just over the top deaths which can be exampled heavily by the Final Destination series. Even though some portions of Saw VI were moderately over the top, it still managed to glue together and make it realistic to a certain extent.

As most hardcore fans will already be acquainted with is that Detective Hoffman is the latest successor to the Jigsaws legacy which is to show the people that don’t appreciate the value of life the consequences. However when the FBI draw closer and begin getting suspicious of Hoffman his only reinforcement is to lay out a series of grim games formulated by his own idol and associate Jigsaw.

In this latest addition to the well recognized series we also notice the previous editor (Kevin Greutert) obtaining his chance to fore fill the directors position, this might distress some of the more loyal fans, but for me I observed that it is abundantly clear he is more than worthy of the task. This left me relieved and exhilarated that five years ahead Saw is still extracting out the twists and turns that will keep you craving for more. So keep yourself on high alert for Saw VII next year, as it will be set to once again take its crown as the king of Halloween Horrors.

Andrew Dex

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The Invention of Lying

Ricky Gervais (Ghost Town) acquires his position in directing his first ever motion picture, this is an accomplishment and a suitable challenge for such a worthy and enthusiastic person. His precedent attempts as a director only feature the TV programmes The Office and the flawless Extras. Some may come across this flick as a hidden gem and others may abandon it, as Ricky Gervais’s humour is noticeably implanted into this, and can be digested as a bit love/hate for most.

To establish the narrative simply Mark Bellison (Ricky Gervais) inhabitants in a world where everyone tells the truth and he lives a pretty depressing life, middle aged, slightly obese and lack of confidence are just a couple of his own truths in his day to day battle to sustain happiness. Mark is eager to detect something that will liberate him, how does he do this? well primitively he lies. The first thing he attempts to do is gain the affection from Anna who is performed by the delightful Jennifer Garner (Elektra). This then gets sidetracked when Mark is lying to his mum on her death bed defining that the afterlife involves big mansions, he is overheard by the nurses who then distribute the word to local newspapers that they believe Mark can communicate with God. This takes a dire effect on his life.

The admiring fact about this project is Ricky Gervais also acts as the lead character which for me displays a sign of commitment and keeps me confident when attending the cinema. As I am not actually a genuine supporter of some of Ricky Gervais’s work I was pleasantly taken back and astounded by this and some what eager to view what Gervais can pull out of his sleeve next. The cast is also crunched with a small cluster of additional top notch actors such as Jonah Hill (Superbad) who seems to be discovering his way back into being a main role character and not just a cameo (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Ghost Town), and also Rob Lowe (Thank You for Smoking) who we see make a firm effort in elaborating on this already superb comedy.

A masterpiece? Perhaps not, more like a perfect birth point for what could hopefully be the beginning of a directing pursuit for Gervais. So check this out with a pinch of salt and don’t think you will know how the story will cease ten minutes in, as Gervais has evidentially poured his heart and character into this suspenseful, surprising comedy, and it would be a crying shame to miss.

Andrew Dex

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