Thursday, 19 November 2009

November Film Releases on DVD

  • Monsters Vs. Aliens

posterDreamworks are at it again and bring us another great animation . The plot is of 5 monsters who are released from a top secret location to stop an alien invasion. The story mainly focuses on the newest member to this group of monsters called Susan. On her wedding day she is struck down by a meteor and starts to turn into a giant, which at first takes drastic effect on her life.
This film is mainly for children but adults might find something in there too. With an electric cast from Reese Wetherspoon (Bridget Jones Diary), Seth Rogan (Kung Fu Panda), Hugh Laurie (House M.D) and comedy dialogue that should keep you glued to your seat. There's just about all the fun and storytelling you could want in one package.

My Rating 4/5


  • Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

Our lovable animal friends Sid, Diego, Ellie, Manny are all back in another glorious summer animation sequel blockbuster. After Sid adopts three dinosaur baby eggs he quickly gets taken away by the siblings mum. So what happens next ? Well Diego, Ellie, Manny embark on a epic adventure to get their friend back. Joined by a new member "Buck" whose voice is done none other than one of our nations favourite actors,Simon Pegg, This all makes for an exciting heart warming film that families will enjoy.
In an age where a lot of films are 3D in the cinema to make up for the poor product it will be when on DVD, Ice Age 3 is not one of these - thanks to great Casting, Directing, and Scripting. Don't miss it !

My Rating 4/5


  • Star Trek

A 150 Million dollar budget and a whole new generation to please ! Who other to take on this task than the infamous director J.J Abrams ( Cloverfield, Lost ), and how does he pull it off ? Well, with flying colours I would say.
The latest Star Trek goes back just before the crew board the Enterprise for the first time, and tells us the captivating story of how a young boy James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) became captain. Packed with adventure, suspense, and an amazing cast you would be crazy to miss this, which is clearly going to be remembered as one of the most spectacular films of 2009.

My Rating 5/5

Andrew Dex

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