Thursday, 19 November 2009

Harry Brown

I don’t know about you but when I lock my eyes onto the unreal and mesmerizing British actor Michael Caine I am immediately in my mind catapulted back to the colourful days of the Italian Job. Some might state these were his finer days and the most memorable of his exceptional career, but I should really remind that cluster of people he has blown us away as a overwhelming actor in The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Is Anybody there? Which are all secured classics of this decade, affirming the straightforward point that Caine is still respectable of an audiences recognition.

Here we are 55 years in the future after the elegant Zulu and we can still experience the 76 year old Michael Caine hosting a fire arms, as he acquires the role of hard nut Harry Brown. We admit the world of Harry, an ex serviceman who lives deep in the heart of the run down establishment of south London. Gangs of “chav” branded people seem to be dominating the area, and making some of the public to petrified to even leave their own homes. This is nothing that concerns him until the death of his own friend, Promptly after this we ride a rage filled inquisition of vengeance as he deals with these rowdy street thugs in his own justified way to pinpoint the murderer. If you’re a supporter of revenged based plots like Outlaw and the ever so unique Gran Torino then this will most indubitably tick a box for you.

With a risky cameo from Plan B and an unheard of director Daniel Barber, Harry Brown is most positively taking a plunge into the unknown, but don’t be alarmed, I believe that at this present age in film making that’s what we need, a confident risk to for fill our goals and elevate us to something unfamiliar, fresh and most essentially inspiring. This project more than arrives to these needs and feels completely contemporary in every field, the only bitter aspect for this motion picture is that with such a substantial hype shadow birthed by prodigious films as Twilight: New Moon and The Fourth Kind, which is abducting cinema attendants all across the globe, will this modern treasure be acknowledged by many? I sure hope so.

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