Thursday, 19 November 2009


Another animation film? Yes that’s correct, but do not distress as disguised behind the works of this thought replenished exploit is Tim Burton as the producer. This should already clamp in a specified and wide audience of die hard fans who will most surely be enthralled.

The world has again ceased to continue this winter as humans have created a robot species that has out done and eradicated all life on their planet. What’s left is 9 scanty robots who each harbor a piece of a scientists soul, surprisingly the scientist is the one who invented the world destroying robot but also accommodates the solution to salvage everything.

In an act to be slightly adventurous we cherish the character 9 as he is awoken into this post apocalyptic nightmare, for the first couple of minutes he can’t speak, this is where we really get to undertake the moving and awe-inspiring visuals. As he then locates a fellow associate to him 2, this is where the gratification and experience really begins to erupt to life.

Elijah Wood takes lead in this action crowded representation. I am assured for most of the public they won’t be able to cite a film his featured in after the world approved franchise that is Lord of The Rings, but his craft is still just as wonderful. He is accompanied by John C. Reilly (Step Brothers, The Promotion) and the marvelous Christopher Plummer who has surprised us and out done himself this year by starring in more than most actors could bear to do, Up, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and even the recent Harry Potter are a grand phew I could label, and give him a more than respectful reputation.

My thoughts are that this is possibly not the most incomparable of Tim Burtons productions as he already has accomplished such installments as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and the celebrated “Edward Scissorhands” but it will not be the least and attains its position as being a concealed delight in his collection. In our generation where we are pretty much swamped with 3D and animation films, 9 is a pretty supreme example to many, and will most surely never be disregarded.

Andrew Dex

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