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Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow are just two prime examples of Roland Emmerichs previous accomplishments

Its been a couple of years now since we have observed the director putting an abrupt and apocalyptic final ending to our world and current way of life. By destroying all our famous landmarks one by one gloriously in CGI form, we once again embrace him as he discovers a new justification to construct our world into a catastrophic re imagination of his own.

This has been more than worth the anticipation in my opinion, 2012 basically allows us to visualize what maybe the end of the world would be like. The initial reason to why this doomsday type phenomenon has occurred is because of the foretold date 21st December 2012, which collides with the Mayan Calendars current cycle, meaning the end of the earth will commence once it has come to its final day. Earthquakes, asteroids, and suicides are just the beginning and now a normality to what failed researcher and now limo driver Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) will have to encounter and deal with again and again as he leads a group of people into hopeful survival amongst all this chaos and turbulence.

We see the president being acted by Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) who some what reminds many of us of Morgan Freeman in the cult triumph featuring Elijah Wood, Deep Impact. Never the less he has no problem pulling this role of with an exceptional success. Also amassed into this mammoth jigsaw piece of work we get to presence the talent of Woody Harrelson who has just blown his way back into the public cool list this Halloween in Zombieland.

Nearly approaching the three hour time scale 2012 is defiantly a well lengthened production time to establish such an important theory and concept, you will find yourself jumping out of your seat as the picture that beholds you on the screen is completely crammed full of action, adventure, and hope. This is amazingly a step up to the bulk of already classic motion pictures Roland Emmerich has indulged us with formerly.

The film will be distributed by Columbia Pictures. Filming began in August 2008 in Vancouver; with a UK and USA release date of November 13, 2009.


Review by Andrew Dex

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