Thursday, 26 November 2009

Paranormal Activity

After its release date in 2007 at a minor film festival, Paranormal Activity has finally exploded out from the closet to raise hairs here in the UK. Its formerly been let loose in the US where it has climaxed a higher position in the box office then the latest segment of Saw. How did it go so far? Well to be impetuous it’s a complete cult jubilation.

Micah’s girlfriend Katie embodies the concentrated belief that she is being agonized by the presence of a demonic spectre and has been since she was a child. Equipped with his gloriously exorbitant camera and bucket amounts of confidence Micah biographies the paranormal developments to hopefully prove to Katie that the old floorboards are absorbed behind her anxieties. Unfortunately for him this is not the circumstance, with most of the horrendous and iconic moments occurring at night and insecurity being promptly assembled in the daytime, you will soon enough become sheltered behind your bucket of popcorn.

With a delicate budget and also immersed in a variety that can only really be correlated to the eerie Blair Witch Project and the zombie berserk REC, this film consumes the audience and I am assured for many this will be listed as their most precious film of the year. Katie Featherston and Micah Slot are both unfamiliar actors to anyone watching, and also if you haven’t detected maintain the same names in the film as they do actors/actress’s, I‘m not to sure what this is meant to determine, but I anticipate to see them on screen again.
Oren Peli? Who is this fellow, well he is indeed the director behind this rugged expedition, and has no other assignments to his name, he has pushed into the directing climate certifying his exclusive faculty. Will this just be a one hit wonder I hear you question? No! he has another forthcoming project entitled Area 51 which just from the title I am more than confident we can illustrate in our minds what were in for.
Paranormal Activity will in conclusion leave you to shocked to even sleep with the light off, but on the bright side more than delighted that your money has been well allocated. So check it out now or maybe even in twenty years when its being re-played in our cinemas as one of the classic scares of this decade.

Andrew Dex

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