Thursday, 11 March 2010


It seems Sam Worthington has a one way ticket to becoming a superstar, after his first noticeable performance in Terminator Salvation he quickly got offered a slot in the impending Clash of the Titans re make. Somewhere in between these motion pictures we can discover his performance in Avatar, the eagerly anticipated enchantment from James Cameron (Alien).

Wounded and paralysed from the waist down Jack Sully is an ex marine who is thrust back into the heart of action on the secluded planet of Pandora, which harbours material that sells for millions once back on earth. Greedy to control such rich resources by any means the marines use Jack as an avatar (a mind in someone else’s body) to infiltrate behind enemy lines and see if he can identify ways to eradicate the rare Na’vi species from the inside out. Events don’t turn out so easy for Jack as once he discovers the disasters humans are inflicting on the rare planet, he soon finds himself fighting for a different side.
We embrace a return to form for Michelle Rodriguez as her acting is propelled from the Resident Evil days to a much more delightful level. Also Sigourney Weaver who is still just as important now as she was when she starred in Alien, adds a perfect and somewhat essential backbone to the list of actors already included.

I strongly commend you experience this in 3D or IMAX as this will top the already outstanding narrative and grind out all the beautiful CGI effects you might miss if you were to watch it when its contained onto DVD.

This project is ten years in the making so it is obviously going to come with its fair share of hype and a heavy amount of expectation, this really is nothing to worry about for James Cameron as all of these queries are executed. Avatar has set itself apart from every other science fiction piece out there, its unique, modern and defiantly class. I can already foresee this surpassing the majority of films that are released this forthcoming decade. Enjoy.

Andrew Dex

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