Thursday, 11 March 2010

Upcoming Cinema Releases for Wotton Electric Picture House

It’s getting colder and the talk of Christmas is getting much more stronger, you like nothing more than to stay at home and watch a DVD with a cup of tea on the sofa. If this is you then your missing out on some great releases coming out in the cinema. First we have the breath taking Up where retired 78 year old Carl attaches thousands of balloons to his house and indulges on an around the world trip. This film is considered by some to be Pixar’s ( Toy Story, Monsters Inc ) best work to date, and won’t even hit the DVD shelf in the UK till next year. This film is also In 3D so your guaranteed to be taken away on an unbelievable adventure. Still want to stay at home ?

Also hitting the screens this November at your local Wotton Electric Picture House cinema is the drama The Soloist featuring two mega stars Jamie Fox (The Kingdom, Ray ) and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man,). Acting as a musician is nothing new to Jamie Fox as he won an Oscar for best performance by an actor in Ray. The one question is does he still pull of this talent well ? I would say yes, Most certainly. Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr.) is a Los Angeles newspaper writer looking for something new to write about, he stumbles upon Nathaniel (Jamie Fox) who is homeless but has one option that might save his life, music. This pleasant and fresh drama all mixed in with solid acting makes for a great watch, and will make you feel like your time has been well spent at the cinema.

Reviews done by Andrew Dex

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