Thursday, 11 March 2010

Up In The Air

The never ageing and always super smooth George Clooney is back, joined by director Jason Reitman (Juno) in this modern take on ones comfort zone being their job. Joining the flight is Anna Kendrick from the teen super success, Twilight, and in this motion picture we really get to experience her for the actor she is - should I add she won a Golden Globe for best supporting role? This film really can’t go off the rails in my eyes.

Ryan (Clooney) Bingham’s job involves him travelling around the world to fire people as companies are too nervous to do it themselves and as this happens, he finds himself almost never at home. This soon becomes history as a new girl Natalie (Kendrick) joins the company and changes the way in which Ryan fires people, just by using the internet and a web cam she discovers that you don’t have to travel anywhere to do the job, you can just do it all from the comfort of your office. This has drastic effects on Ryan's life as he is used to being isolated in hotels, partying until dawn, having the occasional affair and certainly never being at home. So once this occurs, he ends up at his sister’s wedding speaking to a family he has pretty much never kept in contact with, but saying this, Ryan is still needed to save the day.

This film really has nailed the idea of escapism, it’s modern yet timeless and a brilliant start to this decade for Clooney. The soundtrack is bizarre yet engrossing, the acting is outstanding and the film has already won an award for Best Screenplay. Reitman brings the atmosphere and humour parallel to Juno and you can't go wrong with such a perfect formula. So to put it simply, all these positives can only bring a positive result, and it sure did.

Andrew Dex

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