Thursday, 11 March 2010

DVD gifts for Christmas (2009)

The Hangover

The Hangover demonstrates the experience of four men on their stag night. Where else more exhilarating to hold the do other than the lustrous Las Vegas, the final memory they seem to conserve the day after is holding a toast to each other on the roof top of their exceedingly fancy hotel resort. They then realize that they have lost the groom to be Doug. In a fun filled quest to locate Doug we encounter tigers, getting married overnight, loosing teeth and even a cameo from the robust Mike Tyson himself.

This film is an absolute desire for any comedy lover out there. Including director Todd Phillips and a second hangover in the works all ready, this is sure to preserve a smile for a loved one this Christmas.


This motion picture is for the quiet and more imaginative type of people, so make sure you buy this with the best knowledge. This film is a bit less noticed than many this year, but in my eyes this is evidentially a modern accomplishment.

Director Duncan Jones who only has one other project to his title has secured us into the beautiful atmosphere of “Moon”. Set many years in the future we follow Sam Bell (Sam Brockwell) labouring along side his robot pal GERTY (Kevin Spacey) as they send back resources from the moon which help demise the worlds power problems. The oddity is as Sam’s three year space shift comes to a termination he is introduced to the person that will take over his shift, funnily enough they look and communicate exactly the same way as him.

Dark, Gloomy, extremely satisfying are a brief set of words that can describe this synthesis of space and mystery. Pick it up, and I’m sure you will satisfy some ones Christmas needs this fall.

Andrew Dex

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