Thursday, 11 March 2010

Feature: Inanimate Objects That Come To Life

Toy Story, 9, Pinocchio, Edward Scissorhands all have something in common, they picture static objects (like toys) coming to life! This is one of the most appreciated ideas of last century and has kept people anchored to their screen, we even have a release of Toy Story 3 next year which is easily going to be top of the box office.
Lets take a couple of minutes so I can give you the low down on a couple of classics. First we have the dynamic Toy Story, this film pretty much sets the benchmark for a children’s fantasy flick, and has done ever since. I am certain many children still spend hours communicating with their toys, attempting to make them come to life! This film makes that one wish come true.
Next up we have the contemporary delight 9. The world has again ceased to continue this winter as humans have created a robot species that has out done and eradicated all life on their planet. What’s left is 9 scanty robots who each harbour a piece of a scientists soul, surprisingly the scientist is the one who invented the world destroying robot but also accommodates the solution to salvage everything.

The charming idea about this film is basically that these lifeless dolls spark to life to save the world, if we were to see humans do this instead it would be (for many) an exhausting done to death concept, But experiencing it through the eyes of a tiny doll makes everything so much more intense.
A.I. - This star studded project again deals with the notion of an inanimate object coming to life. David (Haley Joel Osment) is 11 he isn’t your average boy as he just so happens to be a robot. Set in the distant but not so far away future! We see David aspiring to become human in the assumption that he will eventually feel love for his mother. In his efforts we see him being shadowed by Gigolo Joe (Jude Law) who tries to help him reach this goal. A.I seems to have been overlooked and as we embrace the end of this decade it seems to me that many people have even forgotten about it. Should I remind you that the outstanding Steven Spielberg is sat on the directors chair for this one? Well with that in mind I highly encourage you experience this tale as for some it may even bring a tear to their eye.

Edward Scissorhands is firstly one of the biggest cult classics there is and secondly we once again clutch this intoxicating form of a lifeless subject coming to life. Before Edward was finished being constructed in a Frankenstein manner we learn the creator died before he could even provide him with proper hands, so the only hands he ends up possessing are scissors, now some would imagine that this narrative couldn’t really go anywhere other than the DVD bargain section at poundland, but with Tim Burton behind this it instead progressed to sky rocketing levels of fame.

Edward lives alone in his mansion watching the days go by as he tries to find a way to live, one day a girl named Peg visits him and takes him away to her family, soon enough the public recognize that he has a raw craft for cutting hair, quickly after this we see everyone admiring Edward and all wanting their hair cut immediately, he even falls in love with Pegs daughter Kim. Everything is heading in a cheerful direction until Edward is framed, sharply after events begin to cascade downhill.

Last but not least we have the timeless Pinocchio, Birthed in the 1940’s Disney’s all time classic illustrates a puppet struggling to become a boy. With Jiminy Cricket as his “conscience” and Geppetto as his creator it seems that he is in safe hands but unluckily for Pinocchio we observe him being in trouble for the majority of the film as Jiminy doesn‘t keep him to well looked after.

Other than the narrative of an inanimate object coming to life what do all these motion pictures have in common? Well primarily these un human entities want to be loved, and at the same time they crave to be just like us. That’s what is so compelling about these kind of films as we see the world in an abnormal perspective, that factor alone grips the audience as I am certain these films will still be remembered in 2050. With the release of these cinema enchantments onto Blu-ray I recommend you maintain a copy and relive these breath taking moments, because this principal idea has been portrayed perfectly on screen time again and now it is yours to own forever.

Andrew Dex

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