Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Taking of Palham 123 and Dorian Gray

The Taking of Palham 123

This film plays host to a grand duo of legendary actors, both John Travolta and Denzel Washington have a mysterious connection with each other which is boasted on the big screen with ease.

The Taking of Pelham 123 reveals the electric story of subway dispatcher Walter Garber whose day doesn’t go to schedule, a criminal mastermind Ryder has hijacked one of his trains, the only person his willing to negotiate with just so happens to be the calming Walter Garber himself.

Director Tony Scott has composed another triumph which he can add to his already outstanding directing back catalogue, already featuring cult sensations like Domino and déjà v (which should I mention also stars Denzel). The chemistry between Denzel and director Tony Scott has obviously still remained concrete. Also we should not dismiss the talented John Travolta, his acting is still just as fitting and excellent as it was in the days of Face Off or Swordfish, both timeless examples of perfect thrillers.

Although this film was only in the cinema for a fleeting amount of time do not panic as this is a satisfying watch and will most positively keep you pre occupied on a cold night.

Dorian Gray

Adapted from Oscar Wildes novel Dorian Gray represents the immortal story of a man who manages to stay young eternally, unfortunately for him as time progresses, his actions (accompanied by mentor Lord Henry Wotton) do him no good and a mysterious painting displays his inner aggression and scars. Once true love enters his life he then realises he must cloak this dark secret.

This is the third Oscar Wilde novel that director Oliver Parker has re created into his own vision, and how has he done? Remarkably I would say, as the scripting, acting, and the gloomy suburbs of London have all blended together to birth this beautiful illustration of a classic novel.

Actor Ben Barnes is an outstanding watch in this motion picture, just as he was in The Chronicles of Narnia and the recent family adventure Stardust. His profession is gradually developing into something unique to say the least. We also view Colin Firth whose precious acting can also be represented in Mamma Mia and the charming Love Actually.

I will conclude this by saying there is something in here for all the family, Drama, emotions, and a barrel of adventure, Take this film with an open mind and I am convinced you will find yourself highly fascinated.

Andrew Dex

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