Thursday, 11 March 2010

District 9 and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

District 9

I am convinced that when the trailer landed it was deciphered to many as a new science fiction film with no promise, but another thing I am certain of is when the title Peter Jackson graced the screen hype was soon formulated. When it was finally unleashed for public viewing even the streets couldn’t’t reject the advertisements with “Human Only Zone” posters being put up in phone boxes, immediately making this a must see movie at the time.

The principal story behind this is of an alien race whose space ship intruded earths atmosphere and remained static high above the planet for a pretty lengthy time, curious to find out what was stored on the ship the humans began to infiltrate it, as they do they are bewildered to discover a delicate alien species, what can the humans do? Nothing they have to let them inhabitant on our earth, as soon as this commences in the desolated area of South Africa it swiftly becomes a small, slump like area.

The harsh job for Wikus (Sharlto Copley) is that he has to move all the aliens to a new home as the slumps are growing over populated, one by one move aliens are forced out from their own establishments. After an inspection of a home events grow pair shaped as Wikus accidentally intoxicates himself in the face with a violent space like substance, slowly and painfully he morphs into an alien and once discovered by the Government he finds himself fighting for his life as they are eager to hunt him down and use him for endless scientific experiments.

We experience the camera work being some what collateral to the likes of Cloverfield, this is a smart tactic and adds that touch of realism that such a film would need to stand out above the rest.

The critical factor to note though is that this film clutches a fresh batch of actors, Sharlto Copley is one such actor, he portrays his role the best and really does leave you eager to see more of his rare talent. Luckily you can, as The A-Team is hitting our cinemas next year and he will be playing the uncanny Captain Murdock. Also to accompany Sharlto in fabricating District 9 is an unfamiliar director, Neil Blomkamp who I am positive after the general public have swallowed this, he will have gained more than a handful of trustworthy fans urging for a follow up or a somewhat similar science fiction image to be crafted into a cinema visual.

District 9 Is space age and unimaginable to say the least, the narrative is gripping but at the same time amusing in a very gloomy manner. So if you crave something original and a tad bit adventurous to channel you into the next decade then this will defiantly be your cup of tea. Also you will find yourself refreshed in the faith that Peter Jackson isn’t in fact doing nothing with his spare time, he is actually on the short road to becoming the most well respected producer/director in recent history.

G.I Joe Rise of the cobra

No G-force and G.I Joe Rise of the Cobra are not the same film! This is a simple mix up that has occurred across Britain this summer. For what its worth director Stephen Sommers (Van Helsing, The Mummy) really has not bought us anything new here, for some this is not a bad thing as they can once again indulge themselves in the action, but I am sure for the vast expecting a more mature and informative approach they will find themselves once again let down.

Saying that we should really remember that this film is adapted from a Childs toy, a toy for five to twelve year olds, so many will argue the principle question, does there need to be a story as children always create their own? I guess to some extent their right, but when you mix this film in with the amount of grand films that have been released this year we could argue that question by simply replying, is there any point to this film even being created?

“When all else fails, They don’t” is the short and basic slogan behind this and the plot seems just as equal. A small and elite group of soldiers who can be recognised to the public as G.I Joe have to battle an evil and some what mysterious arms dealer.

The most noticeable and probably most talented actor in this action galore is the young faced Joseph Gordon Levitt who thankfully manages to keep this film sailing and not epically sinking into the abyss of completely forgettable films, which is sadly for many where you can locate the recent and apparently unique Dragonball Z adaptation. Josephs talent can be proven as an actor in the indie modern classic (500) Days of Summer, and also in the more action typed film which many might of bypassed The Lookout (I advise you check this film out immediately). To accommodate Joseph in keeping the narrative plausible is the somehow just short of being legendary Dennis Quad who never seems to age and always keeps us assured that a film may well be worth watching till the end.

Okay so maybe this film isn‘t one to obsess over to much this year, but as the title of this article is in fact “ONES TO RENT THIS MONTH“ G.I Joe Rise of the cobra does actually tick the category of being such a film, for a kid this is a perfect choice and will definitely keep them pre occupied for an hour or so, so can I sharply recommend that you purchase this action flick on Blu-Ray to not only show of to your friends and family, but to enhance the already engrossing CGI effects. To the more hardcore film fans I beg you to look on the brighter side of life, as stated in my District 9 review we have The A-Team to look forward to as it blasts us into the start of a new decade in 2010.

Andrew Dex

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